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Meera Associates is leading and trusted dealers for Unlisted Shares Buyers Dealers Business is led by Mr JasbirSingh Dhawda, we have been providing excellent services and assist to fetch the best prices in the above stocks for our clients. We deal in over 100 companies & we also help our clients with sound investment advice in unlisted stocks. Meera associates is one of the best organization who provide service facility to easy Unlisted Shares Buyers Dealers/pre-ipo shares we have well experienced staff who help and manage your financial investment .24*7 support

Why Unlisted Shares

Many young companies grow much faster than mature companies due to their lower base hence they tend to significantly outperform the benchmark returns. However, a lot of this growth happens before the company goes public with an IPO. Hence participating in such companies in the Growth / Pre IPO stage can provide superior returns to have high quality shares at the best price.

Liquidity is one of the key challenges for shareholders of unlisted / Pre IPO shares. An employee holding ESOPs or an investor with a diversified portfolio may want to sell their unlisted / Pre IPO shares to generate cash or to simply book profits. Sellers need a safe mechanism like Meera associates that provides them the best price for their shares, matching of trade and enables even retail trades.

We have helped 1000s of individual & institutional clients in buying and selling high quality unlisted shares/Pre IPO Shares.

Our superiority stems robust systems and processes which provide smooth and hassle free flow to ensuring timely delivery of shares and money to the clients.

While investments in Unlisted/Pre IPO shares have the potential of giving high returns, they are also accompanied by higher risk due to a variety of reasons. Investors need to exercise caution while investing in Unlisted/Pre IPO companies. Generally, they should have a minimum time horizon of 3 to 5 years and should not allocate more than 30% of their portfolio in Unlisted/Pre IPO shares*.

High quality employees and Financial / Strategic investors are crucial to spur the high speed growth of unlisted growth stage companies. Companies spend large amounts of money to attract and retain top talent and to align employee and company objectives. Employee Stock Options (ESOPs) is very powerful tool do so. However, without timely and adequate liquidity, ESOPs may lose its attractiveness in the minds of the employees and hence defeat the purpose of ESOPs. Early stage investors who may have achieved their investment objectives or are nearing the investment time horizon, look for a liquidity event and may push the company to go public prematurely. Both these important types of shareholders will have greater confidence if the company provides them smooth exit at fair value.

We also provides customised engagement models with companies to address the above needs. Such engagement has several benefits to the company.

  • The company can plan its public offering without liquidity pressures from financial investors.
  • Arms length price discovery reduces cost and increases reliability.
  • Improves visibility of the company thereby attracting stronger investors.
  • Higher liquidity. Hence no buy-back pressures on the company.
  • Cost effective recruitment and retention of top quality talent.
  • Easier administration.
  • Better, easier and cost effective communication with shareholders and investors.
  • Fast and smooth transactions.

An Investors should know before investing in unlisted securities?


An unlisted security is a financial instrument that is not traded on any of stock exchange, but through over-the-counter (OTC) market. Unlisted securities are called also OTC securities. Market makers facilitate the buying and selling of unlisted securities in the OTC market.

Yes, It Is Completely Legal to Buy and Sell Unlisted Shares in India.

A listed company is one that is registered on various recognized stock exchanges within or outside the country and their shares are freely traded on the exchange. An unlisted company refers to the company which is not listed on the recognized stock exchange and its shares are not freely traded on the exchange.

Out of the 68,416 of public companies 6744 companies are listed companies and the remaining 61,672 are unlisted companies.

“Most unlisted companies pay good dividend; some time it’s much more than dividends paid out by listed companies,”

Unlisted shares have different tax implications compared to listed shares. Short-term capital gains tax (at a marginal rate) applies if sold within 24 months. Long-term capital gains tax (20%) with indexation applies if sold after 24 months. Profits are calculated based on the Fair Market Value (FMV) until the shares are listed on a formal stock exchange.

We will make preliminary decision of Quantity and Price of the shares over the phone or through email. We will send an Offer note to you through email and you reply with a Confirmation note mentioning your Name, Address, Pan No., Bank details , You will transfer the decided shares in our DEMAT account.

On receipt of the share’s payment will be done Online in your bank account.

We will make preliminary decision of Quantity and Price of the shares over the phone or through email. We will send an Offer note to you through email and you reply with a Confirmation note mentioning your Name, Address, PAN No. and DEMAT details. You will transfer the decided amount in our bank account.

On receipt of the payment, the shares will be transferred to your DEMAT account within 24 hours

IPO, An unlisted company (A company which is not listed on the stock exchange) announces initial public offering (IPO) when it decides to raise funds Or to give exit to the existing shareholders through sale of securities or shares for the first time to the public.

Yes , after completing all the necessary requirement with the ROC & SEBI After that within One year they can list their Company on stock exachages on BSE / NSE.