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Tata Technologies Limited is a company in the Tata Group that provides services in engineering and design, product lifecycle management, manufacturing, product development, and IT service management to automotive and aerospace original equipment manufacturers and their suppliers. It is a subsidiary of Tata Motors. The company is active in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific region.

The company was founded in 1989 and acquired INCAT, a European-based company, in 2005. Tata Technologies has headquarters in Pune and regional headquarters in the United States (Novi, Michigan), ThaneOne Corporate Business IT Park, Thane and the UK (Coventry). The company operates in 25 countries, and has a combined global work force of more than 8,000 employees,] including around 4,000 professionals worldwide.15th Largest IT company in the Fortune India Infotech Industry ranking.

The organization is a key accomplice for creating total vehicles, building subsystems and segments, dealing with the New Product Introduction (NPI) process through collective designing devices, example, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). The group works across multiple domains, including. ER&D (Engineering Research and Development ),SAP, PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), CEIT (Connected Enterprise IT), Data Migration, Outsourcing&Marketing and sales.,In 2011, a new Vehicle Programs & Development Group was established, with Kevin Fisher as president.

INCAT International, a UK-and US-based automotive and aerospaceputer engineering company, was established in 1989 and was acquired by Tata Technologies Inc in August 2005 for £53.4 million.

Tata Technologies makes product development dreams a reality for leading industrial machinery manufacturers by designing, engineering and validating the products of tomorrow.

Tata Technologies’ global footprint, deep domain product experience and proven engineering capabilities enable us to deliver innovative, functionally relevant and differentiated solutions to our industrial heavy machinery clients. Our IHM team includes specialists in mechanical engineering; product design; electrical, electronics and embedded design; control systems; powertrain and hydraulics. Our unique capabilities combining engineering and design skills and enabling tools and methodologies provide a time and cost effective solution, helping manufacturers around the globe drive efficiencies throughout their product development cycle.

Tata Technologies help automakers design, engineer and validate the vehicles of the future. Our engineering and design services provide clients with the capacity to innovate, creating new products from components to full vehicles. Our workforce, comprising thousands of skilled designers, engineers, detailers and programme managers, is the best in the business.

Tata Technologies empowers clients to make their product development dreams a reality. Our position is to complement the client with services differentiated by our ability to deliver uniquely well.

Tata Technologies has partnered with PTC to provide next-generation smart manufacturing and digital transformation solutions to the manufacturing industry worldwide. As a Platinum Global Systems Integrator (GSI) of PTC, Tata Technologies will leverage its rich domain knowledge in manufacturing and global experience in product engineering to deliver differentiated digital transformation solutions through the innovative PTC product portfolio.

Tata Technologies will support the entire suite of PTC solutions including the ThingWorx®, Vuforia®, Windchill®, Creo®, and Servigistics® solutions. This collaboration will further augment Tata Technologies’ strong capabilities in Product Engineering, PLM, Product manufacturing services and strengthen the bouquet of Smart Manufacturing solutions including Digital Twin, AR/VR solutions thereby helping Tata Technologies develop innovative solutions to address business challenges of the manufacturing industry.

The world is changing; a period of unprecedented global population growth, with rapidly maturing emerging markets, technology that is evolving faster than any period in history and technology adoption rates accelerating throughout the industry. Product Development cycles are being compressed, globalisation is the new norm and consumer trends are driving increased levels of customisation.

With access to a global talent pool of engineers, technicians, project managers and domain specialists within our 16 Global Delivery Centers, Tata Technologies’ ER&D Solutions provide the most efficient and cost effective engagement model based on the unique requirements of each client from fully outsourced programme management to transactional engineering support.

Effective PLM is about implementing the right combination of people, data, processes, technology and infrastructure to optimise the product lifecycle. While most PLM service providers focus primarily on the technical challenges and deployment of vendor technologies, at Tata Technologies, we understand that the key to creating true value and bottom line benefit from PLM lies in a judicious blend of well-understood processes and requirements, realistic expectations for vendor technologies, a pragmatic and comprehensive deployment and change management plan, and commitment at all levels of the organisation.

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