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Financial overview:

Spencer’s Retail Limited, part of RP Sanjiv Goenka Group, is a multi-format retailer providing a wide range of quality products across categories such as food, personal care, fashion, home essentials, electrical and electronics to its key consumers. Specialty sections such as Spencer’s Gourmet, Patisserie, Wine and Liquor, and the recently launched Epicuisine section are some of the key differentiators in our hypermarket stores. Spencer’s, being one of the earliest entrants into the retail space in India, introduced the Indian consumer to the concept of organized retailing. The first ever hypermarket in India was launched by Spencer’s in Hyderabad in 2000. Today, Spencer’s runs 120 stores, including 37 Hyper stores in over 35 cities in India. Spencer’s brand positioning – Makes Fine Living Affordable – embodies its philosophy of delighting shoppers with the best products and services that enable a fine living at reasonable prices, while providing them with a warm, friendly and educational retail environment.

Since 1863, Spencer’s has been a part of the Indian retail landscape. At one time, the Spencer’s Empire stretched from Peshawar to Cochin, from Karachi to Chittagong, spanning the length and width of undivided India. Originally owned by a British gentleman – yes, there was a Mr. Spencer (John William Spencer, to be precise) – it acquired Indian ownership in the 1960s, and became part of the RPG Group in 1989. In 1995, RPG Enterprises, the flagship company of the RPG Group, launched ‘Foodworld’ as a joint venture with Hong-Kong based Dairy Farm International. The joint venture, which operated supermarkets under thename ‘Foodworld’ and hypermarkets under the name ‘Giant’, was terminated in 2006. RPG retained 48 of the 93 stores it owned. These were re-furbished and their launch under the brand name, Spencer’s, kicked off a new phase in both the history of the Spencer’s brand, and retail in India.

Since inception Spencer’s has been a consumer-centric brand, constantly innovating, pioneering formats, evolving over time but always keeping consumer needs and satisfaction center-stage. Back in 1920, we were the first grocery chain in India. In 1980, we became the first supermarket chain, and in 2001, we introduced India to the joys of hypermarket shopping. What has remained unchanged for 150 years is the trust that the Spencer’s brand evokes. To the consumer, it carries the promise of innovation, quality, and service; the confidence that they will always be able to find a Spencer’s store at a convenient location; that it will have a pleasant ambience; and that it will offer a wide range of products at affordable prices.

Spencer’s has constantly helped reshape the retail landscape in India, introducing a host of innovations to make shopping even more convenient and enjoyable for the consumer.

It’s a common perception that all supermarkets and hypermarkets sell the same things. However, Spencer’s proves that wrong. While it does stock a lot of what others stock, it puts in a great deal of effort to stock a unique range of products as well.  Spencer’s Gourmet Centre: Run by a food scientist cum Cordon Bleu Chef, the food innovation wing researches world cuisines and develops recipes for a wide range of popular and trendsetting dishes. These form the basis for developing its own range of products, which includes delicious cookies, sauces, pickles, juices and jams.  Spencer’s Patisserie: The goodies from the patisserie are freshly baked daily in the live bakeries situated within the hypermarkets. The selection includes specialty breads such as the Italian Focaccia, the French Baguette, the Mexican Spicy Salsa Picante Bread, the Indian Masala Bread, and the regular white, multigrain, wholewheat and masala breads. The bakery also churns out hot puffs, dry fruit cakes, assorted cookies , cakes and pastries.

Fish & Meat: Spencer’s has a dedicated space to sell fresh non-vegetarian items, be it the finest pre-packaged cold cuts or fresh seafood – right from live tanks in-store.

Epicuisine: Spencer’s recently launched a new section called Epicuisine, which serves ready to eat dishes and ready to drink juices, some from it’s very own live in-store kitchen, and some packaged from popular restaurants and caterers in the geography.

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