NATURE OF BUSINESS Architectural, engineering and other technical activities
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SAN was established in 1969 as a locomotive manufacturing company. Over the years, the company has grown its product portfolio and aligned its offering to changing market requirements. Today, SAN is a multi-product, multi-market enterprise that provides solutions in all segments of industries.

SAN is built on a strong foundation of innovation and technological excellence. Strategic partnerships to strengthen our in-house engineering capabilities and market reach, continuous focus on research and development, and a customer-centric approach have marked the company’s journey in the design and manufacture of locomotives, power packs and gear boxes.

In the year 1975 First Hydraulic loco fitted with turbo reversing transmission Recognised as an R&D centre. In the year 1977 SAN sold  100th locomotive to BHEL. 1986 Launched the first Electric Locoand  Produced the power pack for OHE, which Developed the Diesel Electric Crane. Also in 2003 First C-C locomotive with First HSSPART

We are an ISO 9001:2008 company that has employed best-in-class practices and set up advanced capabilities to manufacture products to meet international standards. The company strongly believes in adopting good business processes and practices, and strives for continuous improvement to provide best returns to its customers. Our customers and partners choose us because of our strong reputation for quality and service, and our tradition of reliability.

To satisfy the requirements of our customers, we consistently incorporate new developments and new locomotive types in our portfolio. We do not see ourselves solely as a supplier of diesel locomotives but we add value to the customer in locomotive selection, Sizing and Maintenance

During these consultations, the focus is always on the efficiency of vehicle usage. From a broad range of shunting locomotives, the customer chooses the vehicle that suits them the best in terms of performance, weight and usage.San is available to its customers with advice and assistance throughout the life cycle of the locomotive. We help the customer choose the vehicle with the aid of internally developed software and provide a comprehensive service covering everything from maintenance and an efficient supply of parts to complete vehicle retrofits.

Our engineering products team is available for sizing of cardan shafts, gears and gear boxes for varied applications. With the latest engineering softwares, our design team is capable of designing customized gear boxes for varied applications.Our Bangalore location has state of the art facilities for maintenance, repair and  overhaul of transmissions and final drives of our diesel hydraulic locomotives. Our Mysore facility can refurbish and repair gear boxes and cardan shafts. We also service bogies and frames on requests from customers.Our products, diesel locomotives, gear boxes, gear, cardan shafts, power packs and components for railway vehicles are developed by highly experienced qualified engineers.

Selling of new SAN locomotives, gears boxes, cardan shafts and power packs, .Customer services for locomotives made by SAN. On-site service provision (from commissioning and scheduled maintenance work right up to general servicing)

SAN Locomotives annual Maintenance contracts Repair of bogies, brake components, cooling systems, wheel sets and wheel set gear sets. Modernization of the locomotive control and/or pneumatic system. Retrofitting with new harnesses and modernizing the electrical system. Well-stocked spare parts warehouse

Design and development up to production-readiness. Efficiency and flexibility in design and development. Entire design process completed using Solid works, Kiss soft, Nx. Best design solutions by means of optimization with FEMA. Networking of design and manufacturing using CAM. Individually tailored problem-solving to match customer requirements

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