Religare Health Insurance advocates Comprehensive Health Coverage as COVID-19 drives greater consumer awareness

With COVID-19 acting as a catalyst for change and increasingly nudging people to explore diverse health coverage options, Religare Health Insurance (RHI) is endorsing the need for comprehensive health insurance policies. Emphasizing the soaring significance of health insurance amid an unprecedented global health crisis, the Standalone Health Insurance sector registered a 40% YoY rise.  This growth will ensure further impetus for health insurance penetration, where India records one of the world’s highest out-of-pocket spending rates in healthcare.

Highlighting the rising numbers of other potentially-fatal lifestyle ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, among others, RHI endorses comprehensive health insurance coverage. Furthermore, the increasing cost of quality healthcare services even for infectious diseases underscores the need for comprehensive health insurance.

Accordingly, Religare Health Insurance offers a comprehensive bouquet of services ranging from basic hospitalization (Care); high sum insured options (Care Advantage); insurance for PED, including insulin-dependent diabetics (Care Freedom); post-cardiac event/intervention insurance (Care Heart) and many others, backed by all-encompassing wellness and insurance benefits.

Elaborating on the latest institutional developments, an RHI spokesperson said, “ The coronavirus pandemic has come as a thought-provoking black swan event for people disdainful of health insurance. As morbidity and mortality rates rise directly due to COVID-19 and indirectly from the neglect of other equally life-threatening conditions, there is a pronounced and inescapable realization about the need for health insurance.

Besides managing COVID-19-related treatments, health cover is indispensable in safeguarding individuals and their families from other chronic conditions that lead to unexpected and unaffordable medical expenses, driving millions of uninsured people into debt, devastating lives permanently. Fortunately, a broad bouquet of health insurance solutions happens to be available today, customized for almost every consumer segment. Therefore, we urge consumers to opt for a suitable coverage plan as per their specific healthcare requirements. This is vital in our country, where retail health insurance penetration is only 3% and out-of-pocket healthcare spending stands at around 65%.

RHI’s endorsement of comprehensive insurance coverage comes in the wake of increased awareness about health insurance products after the COVID-19 outbreak. Given the importance of health insurance in promoting better healthcare outcomes across India, the Company believes it is important to leverage this trend by apprising people about the far-reaching benefits of comprehensive health policies. Moreover, against the backdrop of pandemic-induced income losses for a significant employed segment, the role of health insurance can be paramount in saving lives in the event of any healthcare crisis.

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