COMPANY NAME Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited. (MKCL)
NATURE OF BUSINESS Technical Education
PROMOTERS Government of Maharashtra

MKCL Share Price

Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) was promoted by the Department of Higher and Technical Education (H & TE), Government of Maharashtra (GoM), India and was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.In order to make the capabilities of MKCL available to all the Departments of Government of Maharashtra, governmental coordination of the affairs of the company has been handed over from January 05, 2018 to the General Administration Department (GAD) from Department of Higher & Technical Education. Subsequently, it was allocated to Directorate of Information Technology under GAD.

Creating a knowledge-led economy and knowledge-based societies in the world is a key to survival and development of people in the emerging knowledge era.MKCL believes that there exists a great potential in our society to emerge as a knowledge-led economy due to its large but latent talent pool of young population. The challenge exists, however, in transforming its predominantly agrarian or industrial economy into a new knowledge-led economy by developing its talent pool in right direction.To develop learning, governance and empowerment systems which are world-class and value-based and which are responsive to the individual and social developmental needs of the people by bridging the Digital Divide.

MKCL commenced its business operations in April 2002 over the entire state of Maharashtra ( the most industrialized state in India admeasuring about 300,000 sq. km. and having the population exceeding 100 million) and in a span of seventeen years it has emerged as a high-tech and high-touch initiative focused on design, development and delivery of innovative eLearning, eGovernance, and eEmpowerment technologies, solutions and services to its ever growing base of millions of customers in public at large, Universities, Governments, and Communities.To offer life-long learning, governance and empowerment services through appropriate partnerships


This transformation can be accomplished by imbibing a culture of life-long learning in the society at large. Life-long learning of such a highly populous and developing society can be sustained only if knowledge resources can be made available and accessible to the masses at affordable costs anytime and anywhere. A pervasive and appropriate use of Information Technology alone can sustain the life-long learning in the Indian context and bring the new actionable knowledge within the reach of all sections of the society as IT and Internet do not only provide a transformative medium of dissemination of knowledge but also form a platform for generation of almost 90% of our actionable knowledge resources. Bridging the Digital Divide thus becomes the prime agenda for socio-economic transformation in pole vaulting to the knowledge society and knowledge-led economy. The severe threat of marginalization of the masses emerging from the Digital Divide and resultant Knowledge Divide and moreover the Opportunity Divide can be effectively averted through mass IT Literacy Mission. Only an IT Literate society can enjoy a greater share of global knowledge resources, business opportunities and global job opportunities.


MKCL is an entrepreneurial endeavor to bridge this Digital Divide and the resultant Knowledge Divide and Opportunity Divide by offering actionable knowledge and essential services to masses for socio-economic transformation.MKCL is attempting to address these six challenges simultaneously through the pervasive and appropriate use of IT and through its unique public-private-community partnership network.MKCL is thus attempting to help lay the foundations of knowledge society so critical for the survival, development and empowerment of the masses in general and youth in particular.

Humanity has progressed from agricultural revolution to the industrial revolution and is now moving to an information revolution. The 21st century has brought with itself the information technology revolution which has given rise to a globally connected knowledge society. The assimilation and dissemination of information in the form of actionable knowledge in this new digital revolution has become a mandatory skill to enable self development and ensure survival. With over 90% of this knowledge being generated digitally and collaboratively, the ability to use new digital technologies is, therefore, critical for developing and accessing new actionable knowledge and accessing new careers and opportunities. The Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology [MS-CIT] is a world class comprehensive IT Literacy course conducted by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited [MKCL] in the state of Maharashtra. The Government of Maharashtra (GoM), ten Universities in the state, Educational Institutions, Community Institutions, IT and non-IT industries etc are among the initial major equity holders. With GoM’s equity within a range of 26% to 37%, the company has a unique blend of government credibility and social responsibility on one hand and entrepreneurial competitiveness, market orientation, quality, flexibility, productivity, profitability and self sustainability on the other.


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