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Board of Directors

Mrs. Bina Modi / Ms Charu Modi / Mr. Samir Kumar Modi / Aliya Modi / Etc…


1962   Indofil Chemicals Limited was incorporated as a Subsidiary of Rohm & Haas   Co., USA.

2010 The name of Indofil Organic Industries Ltd. is changed to Indofil Industries Ltd.

2012   Acquisition of European Dithane business from Dow Agrosciences LLc., USA. for catering to

European markets.  Indobaijin started construction of the Carbondisulfide (Cs2) manufacturing   plant at Dahej.    Product Cemento (RDP) is launched by SPCD.

2018   Indofil commenced its commercial production sssat Dahej, GIDC- Unit 3


Agro Chemicals Divison

INDOFIL INDUSTRIES LIMITED – A fungicide giant in Agricultural Chemical Industry – A name known for excellence in product quality and service. A Company always working for the betterment of farmers, operating in Indian market for more than five decades.

Agricultural Business Division – is based on the concept of Crop District Approach. Indofil is promoting “Crop Care Concept” throughout the crop districts, where the needs and problems of the crops are identified and an attempt is made to meet the same by existing solutions or procuring new/right solutions. The basic market potentials are worked out by a systematic approach called Market Potential System, which helps to determine market share on every important crop in the district. This also helps to identify new avenues and understand customers’ requirements better. The field staff is in constant touch with the market and customers to achieve this objective.


Indofil Innovative

Indofil Industries Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of specialty performance chemicals being used by a wide variety of small, medium and large industrial manufacturers globally. The Indofil Innovative Division of the company is headquartered in Mumbai, with manufacturing facilities in Thane, Vashi (Navi Mumbai) and Vapi in Gujarat.

The chemical industry in India is witnessing a structural change and companies are realigning their strategies and consolidating themselves to face stiff competition from global companies. However with the high speed of economic reforms and a GDP growth of over 8 % there are bright prospects for the chemical industry and Indofil Innovative Division strives to be a part of this growth by keeping itself updated with the state – of – the – art technologies for its portfolio of products.

The division derives strength from the strong brand equity of the products giving it a strategic presence in the Indian subcontinent. The division drives the core value of the company through its qualified people and its partners in India.


Indofil at a Glance

To be Committed, To Innovate and To Partner.  Sums up the 50 Glorious years of INDOFIL.

Indofil Industries Limited is uniquely placed both in Agricultural Chemicals (ABD) as well as Specialty & Performance Chemicals (SPCD) Business. As a part of K. K. Modi group, Indofil has a well-equipped manufacturing infrastructure, a result oriented Research & Development team, and an excellent domestic and international distribution network.

Indofil has its export presence in more than 60 countries as suppliers of Mancozeb formulations. In India, Indofil is successful in strategic marketing of Insecticides including IGR’s, Fungicides (Mancozeb, Tricyclazole, Zineb etc.), Bactericides, Herbicides, Acaricides, Surfactants, and Plant Growth Regulators (PGR). Indofil is driven by “Crop Care Concept” in agriculture business.

Specialty and Performance business works with the philosophy to be a solution provider by innovative products for various industries viz. Leather, Textile, Paints, Plastics and Construction Chemicals.

The Company’s long and successful past also provides customers with the assurance that Indofil will continue to be a valued partner long into the future. The focus is to create partnerships for Research & Development, & marketing for many more active pesticides & combinations.

Customer Proximity is our mantra. Making us accessible to our customers 24 x 7. Our Values ensure consistent Behavior that drives TRUST. We Believe partnerships are vital to accelerating our thrust for growth. Our aim is to be in partnerships that can maximize business potential, deliver value and create new markets, that can meet current & future strategic goals.


Annual Report

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