NATURE OF BUSINESS  Mining & processing of high end kaolins.
ISIN NO INE 267F01024
PROMOTERS Mr. Karan Thapar
COMPANY WEBSITE www.eicl.in 
Company overview:

The story of English Indian Clays Limited can be traced back to English explorers Ward and Conner, who surveyed Trivandrum in 1891 making note of kaolin reserves that was on par with the finest quality of china clay found at Cornwall in England. The clay deposits at Trivandrum are among the best in the world with 96 per cent kaolinite content. But it was not until a tenacious entrepreneur pursued this hidden wealth, did Kerala realise the value of its world-class china clay. Still, it was not till much later when one of India’s leading business houses took over the enterprise did Kerala house Asia’s biggest mining, manufacturing and processing facility.

Every day, we earn the privilege of being a preferred solutions provider to extraordinarily successful customers. For over 50 years EICL has served such customers across a range of industries. What started as a vertical integration solution for paper, then extended to Paint, Ink, Textiles, Pharmaceuticals & Food, Oil Drilling, Ceramics, Tires, Fibreglass and even Power Transmission Cables.

Today, Mr Karan Thapar is the promoter of EICL Ltd. A Chartered Accountant by profession, Mr Karan Thapar has steered EICL’s growth transforming it from a commodities-based manufacturing company to an innovative, solutions-driven specialty chemicals company. It was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange before its delisting in 2014. EICL’s annual turnover was over $80M with the kaolin business contributing 60% of revenue and the remainder from starch before divesting its starch business in 2018.

We take natural raw resources and convert them to real savings for our customers. We forge long-term relationships with them to understand their challenges and develop real solutions that address these problems. As a latent business problem is made clear to us by our customers, we apply our significant experience in framing the problem in terms of required process parameters and commercial value required. A systematic drive to a commercial solution leads to a specialty chemical product.

We are happy to connect the right raw material or mineral to your application.

EICL. From Raw to Real: Real Relationships. Real Solutions. Real Savings.

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