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Elofic Industries is India’s Largest Filter Exporter and OEM Supplier.Elofic is one of India’s largest filter manufacturing companies producing a complete range of filters and lubricants.With a legacy spanning over 67 years, a workforce of more than 600 professionals across six state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Faridabad (Haryana), Nalagarh (Himachal Pradesh) and Hosur (Tamil Nadu) in India and a global clientele consisting of Fortune 1000 blue chip corporations, Elofic is a brand that inspires trust. Elofic offers the following filtration and lubrication products: oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, coolants and lubricants and grease., Technically equipped with most modern machines and processes, the company has three (3) contemporary filter manufacturing units in Faridabad near New Delhi, Nalagarh in Himachal Pradesh and at Hosur near Bangalore. Elofic’s R&D Centre, located at its Corporate Office in Faridabad is recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research(DSIR), Government of India and is meticulously involved in the task of coming up with futuristic solutions for its customers. This was the vision with which Mr. M.S. Sahni set out on the journey of Elofic producing just over 100 filters per day in its early days. Today it produces more than 85 million filters annually and is an acclaimed leader in the Indian filter industry. Elofic’s range of Oil, Air, Fuel & Hydraulic Filters have gained worldwide acceptance by various OEMs and Aftermarket customers. Chevrolet Sales India Pvt Ltd. , Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd, International Tractors Limited, JBM Industries LimitedJCB India Ltd, Kohler Power India Pvt. Ltd, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, etc

Being one of India’s largest OEM suppliers, Elofic has a responsibility to deliver the best-quality and high performance-driven products to its wide diversity of clientele perpetually. With an annual production capacity of over 85 million filters presently, it envisions to excel and manufacture 200 million units by 2020.

Being a leading OEM filter manufacturer, Elofic concentrates upon maintaining a balance between adhering to the set targets of delivering quality products and facilitating its work staff to the highest level.

A team of highly competent engineers, auditors, and the management operate collectively to endeavour a quality production. To maintain the quality and feasibility of achieving innovative products, the company invests in its workforce exhaustively.

With an overall experience of over 67 years in manufacturing filtration and lubrication solutions for a large-scale global and Indian client base of OEMs, Elofic has stood true to its undertakings. Encompassing a workforce of 600+ professionals, it operates from three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located at Faridabad (Haryana), Nalagarh (Himachal Pradesh) and Hosur (Tamil Nadu) in India and serves a large Global customer base. Elofic offers numerous filtration and lubrication solutions through its offerings of oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, coolants, and lubricants and grease.

We, at Elofic, constantly endeavour to stay true to our promises of delivering an optimum value proposition to our customers. Along with engineering the high-quality filters, we also strive to provide a 360° security for the valuable products of our clients. Through its advanced manufacturing solutions, Elofic endeavours to achieve the triple bottom line goal of streamlining the profit (IATF 16949:2016 certified), planet (ISO 14001:2015), and people (OHSAS 18001: 2007). In keeping with its belief in and practice of the TQM business philosophy, Elofic adheres to the principle of Kaizen, i.e. continuous quality improvement in order to bring small and incremental changes to improve efficiency and quality. The manufactured products including oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, lubricants & grease and coolants that pass through the stages of sorting, setting in order, shining, standardizing and sustaining before being delivered to the customers. We endeavour to follow the SMART (Standardize, Monitor, Assess, Rethink and Transform) algorithm to develop innovative techniques in manufacturing products.

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