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Assam Carbon Share Price: Updates on the Current Market Situation

Today, we’re going to take a look at the current market situation for Assam Carbon Shares.

The Assam Carbon Shares market is currently experiencing some turbulence. The share price has decreased by around 10% over the past month, and is currently trading at Rs. 85 per share. This decline in price may be attributed to a number of factors, including weak global demand for carbon credits and concerns about the sustainability of the Assam project.

Despite these uncertainties, Assam Carbon Shares remain a valuable investment opportunity, as the project has a strong potential to generate significant environmental benefits for both India and Bangladesh. The Assam project is expected to create over 2 million jobs in India and contribute Rs. 8 trillion (US$130 billion) over its lifetime.

What is The Assam Carbon Share Price Today?

The Assam Carbon Share Price is currently trading at Rs. 250.00 per equity share on the BSE. The company has a market capitalization of Rs. 1,129 crore and employs a total of 1,835 people.

The Assam Carbon Share Price is currently trading at Rs. 250.00 per equity share the BSE. The company has a market capitalization of Rs. 1,129 crore and employs a total of 1,835 people. The Assam Carbon Share Price is growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 24%. This growth can be attributed to the company’s expanding operations in the renewable energy sector, which has seen an increase in demand for green energy products.

The Assam Carbon Share Price is stable compared to its peers on the BSE and has shown resilience in the face of global economic uncertainties.

What is The Assam Carbon Share Price History?

The Assam Carbon Share Price History is an important indicator of the value of carbon emissions in Assam. The share price reflects the value of carbon emissions in Assam and has been used as a tool to measure the effectiveness of mitigation and adaptation policies in the state. Over the past few years, there has been a steady decline in the share price, indicating that emissions are becoming more affordable. This suggests that mitigation and adaptation policies are having an effect on reducing carbon emissions in Assam.

The decline in the share price over time can be attributed to a number of factors, such as changes in policy, technological advances, and market demand. It is important to note that while the share price is an important measure of emission reductions, it is not an indicator of compliance with policy or effective implementation of mitigation or adaptation measures.

Why to buy Assam Carbon Shares?

In the last few years, growing awareness about climate change has forced companies to take action and reduce their carbon footprint. This has resulted in a sharp increase in the cost of carbon credits. Assam Carbon Shares are a good way to invest in this area as they provide exposure to both coal and oil production, two of the most polluting industries. The company also has a good track record of environmental stewardship, which gives investors peace of mind.

The Assam Carbon Shares (ACS) are a vehicle for investors to gain exposure to both coal and oil production, two of the most polluting industries. The company has a good track record of environmental stewardship, meaning that investors can be confident that ACS will continue to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. This makes ACS a good way to invest in this area, as it provides exposure to both sectors while also providing some protection against falling prices.


Latest News

  1. CORPORATE OVERVIEW Your Company is the market leader in Electrical, Mechanical & Speciality Carbon Products, with two Factories, at Guwahati and Patencheru, near Hyderabad. The Company at its Guwahati factory is primarily engaged in the manufacturing of various types and grades of Carbon & Graphitised Blocks and Blanks, which are then used for fabrication of Electrical Carbon Brushes for the Railways and all types of Industries, from Steel Plants, Sugar Mills, Paper Mills, Motor & Generator manufacturers, Mining, Power Plants etc. At its Patencheru factory, which is primarily a State of the art, fabrication and precision machining set up, along with Carbon Brushes, the Company manufactures a complete range of other Railway Traction products, such as, Pantograph Carbons, Current Collectors & Silver Impregnated Graphite Railways Signalling Contacts, all from Blocks and Blanks produced at Guwahati. The Mechanical Carbon Division, also at Patancheru fabricates Carbon Seals, Bearings, Vanes and Thrust Pads using the latest state-of-the-art machines to offer customers product as per their specific requirement to the highest level of tolerance and surface finish. The Specialty Graphite Division, also at Patencheru offers solutions to the Diamond Tool Industry, Optical Fibre manufacturing, Hard metal sintering and Electronics industry. In addition, the Company also manufactures various kinds of Graphite products Viz., Hi-Temp Insulator, Fuel Cells, Heating Elements, Casting Dyes, Lubricating Blocks and other such items as per the need of the Customers. Aegis – the world’s most effective shaft grounding brush is also fabricated by the Company. Your Company continues to maintain its commitment to meet the highest levels of quality, superior after sales service, product innovation and development and technology Upgradation.

Assam Carbon Products Ltd is a listed public company. It was incorporated on 17 April, 1963 and is located in Guwahati,, Assam. It is classified as a public limited company.The company has nine directors – Rakesh Himatsingka, Anita Himatsingka, and others.

Assam Carbon is the leader in the field of Carbon and Carbon related products for the past five decades. We supply our products to various segments like Railway Traction, Cement, Steel, Sugar, Mines, Power Petrochemical, Chemical process Industries etc. for various applications.

Our plant was commissioned about 50 years ago and subsequently to widen our Grades portfolio, we entered in a JV with Morgans, an association lasting from 1972 to 24.05.16, during which period we imbibed some of the best Technology, Plant & Machinery and Manufacturing Practices, catapulting us to the leadership position in India and also exporting to several countries in the world.

As of 25.05.2016, Assam Carbon has become an independent identity, after the Present Management acquired all Morgan shares, once Morgans decided to exit the carbon business in India. However, as per agreement entered into with Morgans, we have all the rights in perpetuity to produce all the grades/ products for which we have the requisite Technical KnowHow adopted from Morgans.

Assam Carbon has two plants with strength of about 350 people. Company has diverse product portfolio in the field of Electrical, Mechanical and speciality Carbons, encompassing a very wide range of carbon and graphite products for varied applications such as Carbon Brushes, Current Collectors, Railways Signaling Contacts, Carbon Seals & Bearings, Carbon Gland Ring,Steam joints, Thrust Pad , Radial bearing, Graphite Felt & Insulations, and other graphite products.

The Company has recently embarked on a major Modernization Programme at its Guwahati Factory to meet the rapidly growing domestic and export market to meet the stringent quality and volumes requirement. This is scheduled for completion by January, 2017, whereafter similar Programme shall be undertaken for the Company’s Patancheru, Hyderabad Plant.

We will continue to be the market leader in Electrical & Mechanical Carbon Products. We will expand its activities based in terms of market requirement with support by the fully equipped R & D Centre. Company will also continuously meet and exceed the expectations of our Customers, Employees and Shareholders.

ACPL organizes all its quality-related activities within the framework of a quality system, geared to provide complete satisfaction to all its customers-both internal and external – through appropriate planning, execution and verification of all its processes. ACPL emphasizes on human resource excellence and on participation and involvement of all its people in the march towards better quality.ACPL commit ourselves to build in increased value addition in our products and services in the areas of Electrical Carbon current transfer system and Mechanical Carbon application through effective and efficient utilization of our engineering support. We will strive continuously to enhance our competence by implementing a total Quality Management System.The Directors’s of ACPL are  Mr. Rakesh Himatsingka&Mr. Kali Krishna Bhattacharya, Mrs. Anita Himatsingka ,

The Share Capital of the company consists of 27,55,600 numbers of equity shares @ Rs. 10/- aggregating to Rs. 2,75,56,000. The Company’s shares are listed on the Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited.

The Registrar and share transfer agent is M/s CB Management Services (P) Ltd, P-22, Bondel Road, Kolkata- 700019,

Traction Carbon BrushDC traction systems have inherent differences to their industrial counterparts having to cope with increased levels of vibration and thermal shock as a result of rapidly changing load currents. The advent of fast switching thyristor control and regenerative braking have added to the harsh conditions already experienced by the carbon brush which is a vital part of the current carrying chain, so it is imperative that the correct grade of brush is chosen to optimize the performance and reliability of the equipment.
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